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The Beginning

It's late summer in the year 1999.

The weather is starting to drop, and we are expected to have a cool fall, and a cold winter.

You start out aboard a Piper Chieftan, flying from Boise ID to Missoula MT.

Your pilot, a retired marine grunt named Mike Hammond, seems reserved, but willing to talk when approached. 


Your homework:

Why are you all together? How do you know each other? Every PC should know at least 2 others, if not more.

It begins

The party sets off on the final leg of their trip to spend a week camping in the bitterroot valley.

Partway there, they experienced a piercing white light, that lasted seconds before ending, leaving an acidic taste in their mouths and memory of a stabbing pain in their brain. The first thing they noticed is how silent it became. The plane was dead in the air.

The swearing of the pilot Mike broke the silent as he repeatedly tried restarting the engines. Failing that, he warns everyone to strap in as he's going to have to try to land in one of the valleys between the rising ridges.

Mike is able to land the plane in the only flat area, a stream in the middle of the valley. It's a rough landing. Dalton breaks his leg, and Earl breaks his arm.

The entire party makes it to shore, Where Devon proceeds to set and splint the breaks, while Mike and Tex go back to the plane, which is now face down sinking into a deep part of the stream. They are able to pull out most of the groups gear, though everything not in a waterproof case is soaked, and Kiras bow snapped in half. And none of the electronics, even the ones in Mikes waterproof case that remained dry, work.

The next day, after building a litter to carry Dalton, the group sets off for the state centennial trail, which is supposed to have a ranger cabin not too far from where they crash.

During the trip, they discover that guns no longer work. When they tried shooting a deer, the bullet shot out of the end of the gun slowly, landing about five feet in front of it.

They reached the ranger cabin without incident, and started planning on what to do next.

As of right now, they are unsure if what happened is local, or global, and if it will ever end.

There was some discussion on where to go. Some of the group put forth the idea of holding up in the cabin and waiting for the suspected rioting to end.

Mike was against that, they have enough food and supplies to last about a month, with luck at hunting and foraging, but no one has ever lived in this part of the country if they had any other choice. The winters here are harsh, and even down in the flat lands, all the farming required powered irrigation, so if engines dont work, it will be a dry land before long.

The current idea is to start heading west and south, towards the area around Eugene Oregon, taking time to get there. As far as anyone in the group knows, it is the best place to go, winters are nonexistent as far as anyone from Montana is concerned, and there is plenty of rainfall to grow crops.

Though that is just a tentative plan, and may change depending on the circumstances, and how the group finds things in the nearest town which is approximately 40 miles to the west.

Venturing Forth

After 8 days in the cabin, resting and healing, Earl and Kari set off ahead of the party scouting the way, making sure the path was safe for the rest of the party to follow. 

Giving them two days head start, the rest of the party set out on day 10.

With the rest of their food and supplies, including anything they thought useful from the cabin in their modified wheelbarrow, the party departed, following the centennial trail until it ran into the highway.

Once they made it to the highway, the came across car after car, broke down for no obvious reason.

Each time they found the same thing. A vehicle that doesnt start or turn over or give any indication of power. A makeshift campsite where people stayed for a couple of days waiting for help, then tracks showing them finally giving up and setting off down the road towards the nearest town.

As they set off down the highway, they were surprised by a group on horseback.

Instantly noticing that 4 of them, a black guy who had been beat, a spanish woman, and their teenaged daughter, and a white guy, also showing signs of being beat, were tied to their horses.

The other four talked about it being the end of times, and how they had them a nice slave and a couple of fuck toys.

The party attacked, and quickly killed all four bandits, setting the prisoners free.

After agreeing that traveling together would be in everyones best interests, they set off again.

A few hours later, they made it to the Huttons camp site, where they had their horse trailer, and a smaller portable farrier and smithing trailer.

Will,  spent a day converting the trailer over to be pulled by horse, with help from the party. Angelica and her daughter Luanne spent the day making boiled leather breast plates and canvas Jerkins with metal washers riveted in the middle.

Now on horseback, with a trailer in tow, the party set off trying to catch up with their scouting party before they reached the next town, a small former logging community.


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